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Hachi-O-Kai World Budo Federation

We teach Karate-Do, Judo, Aikido, Jujitsu, Kenjitsu, 

Weapons (including sword Boe and many others)

The Japan Martial Arts Centre is a karate learning and training studio and is the Headquarters of the IKA Canada. Children as young as 3 can participate. If you are a parent and considering karate, please read our parent's  testimonials.  We also have one of the highest number of Black Belts in the city, and many teens and adults love to train at our Centre. 


The Martial Arts is an excellent activity for self defense and confidence. It is also provides physical and cardiovascular benefits. Our program will teach you discipline, respect for others and knowledge of the Martial Arts.  You will learn the Five Dojo Kun.  

The Master is Kancho Takemasa Okuyama, 10th Dan. One of the highest ranking Martial Arts Masters in the World.


Come in for a FREE trial class* and have your child prepared for the school year.

*FREE TRIAL classes are for potential students who are ages 16 years old and under ONLY.

Adults who would like to try a class must observe a class first and pay the necessary fee for a trial lesson.

There are NO FREE Trials for Adults.

Lovely message about our Karate School from a parents:

"We are all blessed that the kids have the opportunity to train at the dojo and are working on becoming stronger, more confident and focused individuals while learning about etiquette and quality of character. Japan Martial Arts Centre has been everything I was looking for in a dojo for my children. Thank you for your dedication and patience."

"Our child is changing due to your classes. Earlier this week she stood up and asserted her boundaries with a peer. She put both hands out and said, 'NO' to another child who was trying to invade her personal space. She is gaining the confidence to assert herself."

Philosophy of Kancho T. Okuyama

In one of the children’s classes, Kancho T. Okuyama was teaching his philosophy of how to end a Kata.

He had a few students show how they finished their Kata. When the students did their last move, he told them not to rush to standing but to stay in the final movement. Once the student stays in the final movement or what Kancho T. Okuyama says, “Stop!” he tells the students to look. Look at your imaginary  opponent then stand up. He says that even when they are in standing position after their Kata, he points to where their position was in the final movement of the kata and says, their spirit is still in the final position there. He states that the students are there and they are here.

It is telling their opponent, that they are ready anytime. Their body and spirit is in that moment, and continues in that moment even though they left that physical place. It is why, say for example, when Kancho T. Okuyama visits another country, his spirit, his being is still in the other country, even though he is physically back in Canada.

In essence, this is our connection to each other and places, to being present, to doing everything we can with our inner most being and although we leave that place and say good-bye to people, our effort shows in our spirit there. That is how we can use this to affect people, everyone we meet, every place we go,… positively

Here are some fantastic photos from this year's Kagami Biraki  (New Year Celebration)




Sunday August 17, 2014


Train with one of the HIGHEST RANKING MASTERS in the World!!

Right in Toronto, Canada.

Free Trial Classes.

Children, Adults, Teenagers... all are welcome!

Tuesday May 27, 2014

Kancho's visit to Poland

"The greatest martial artist need to use little of their own strength: they use the opponent's own power and momentum to defeat that opponent.  The ultimate mastery of Karate-do is being able to defend yourself by simply walking toward your opponent."

 -from the book "Ultimate Karate" by Kancho T. Okuyama

Original Photo by: Philip Winestone

Master (retired Lieutenant-Colonel) Steve Nash, Scott Allen, Zack Yuen, all of Traditional Excellence in Kingston, Ontario. http://www.traditionalexcellence.com/contact%20us.html

Kancho T. Okuyama in the middle.

Captain Hamid Nam and Sensei Robert Naud of Ottawa Shotokan Club.


Hanshi Gustavo Gondra from Argentina 





Congratulations and Special Announcement:

Mr. Nick Florian has achieved 8th Dan and is now Hanshi Nick Florian.

Hanshi Nick Florian is also appointed the PRESIDENT of the HACHI-O-KAI World Budo Federation











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KARATE Classes for KIDS!! (as young as 6 years old)





Family prices available!






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And words of wisdom from KANCHO OKUYAMA..





The philosophy behind Okuyama Karate

When a person trains two or three times a week, one's body and spirit benefit.

Training in the form of karate reflects the union with those who trained long ago. Subsequently, the person benefits form the previous karateka training and meditation.


In essence, those in the past help the person who trains in karate now. In the same fashion, the current karateka help prepare those in the future who will start karate training.

Thus the study of karate-do becomes eternal. In thre refinement of karate-do no, the student intensifies the link between the

past, present, and future of this ancient martial art.

A person helps someone in the twenty-second century by training now in karate-do.

Karate will intensify in importance to many people. Its spirit and scientific principles will be a great asset in the approaching centuries. I, as a Kancho, will teach those who are not yet born yet So, in a sense, I subtly teach the unborn.