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Kancho T. Okuyama's Philosophy

"I always feel the waves of the Pacific Ocean behind me and flowers in front of my gaze.

I was born on a small island on the south side of Tokyo called Hachijojima. Every year typhoons attack the island. The sound of the waves were my sleeping drums.
The island of Hachijojima was a heavily criminal island, especially for corrupt politicians who could not escape because of the strong powerful waves and currents - "Kuroshio" (The "Black Current" or also known as the "Japan Cur...rent").

The island was also covered with beautiful flowers. Flowers everywhere. Everything in front of me are flowers. Whenever I encounter someone, whether the person is a friend or foe, I see flowers. I see if I should give him or her water, I see if I should cultivate the person, help the person grow or should I cut ties with the flower. The person could be my enemy or my loved one, whomever they are, I see them as a beautiful flower first.

This is the reason behind why I love to paint waves and flowers."